Having troubles login into your PayPal account? Well worry no more as this article will guide you properly on how to open that account of yours to enable you gain access to it once again.

PayPal is one of the electronic medium of transferring money over the internet globally. This American internet banking company was established in 1998. Initially, PayPal was a subsidiary of eBay generating great revenues for it; but by mid 2015 eBay announced it plans to spin off PayPal as an independent company and this plan became a reality by July, 2015. With PayPal, one can purchase goods and services online as well as receive payments on their own goods and services. It enables you accept money without disclosing you financial details. Currently, PayPal uses the latest data encryption and anti-fraud technology to secure her customers details thereby reducing the risk of online fraudulent activities.

Some other services provided by PayPal

In addition to PayPal being used to purchase goods and services as well as to receive money for goods and services, it can also be used for the following:

✓ Receive or send payments for online auctions at eBay and other websites.
✓ Make donations
✓ Receive donations
✓ Exchange cash with someone

Opening an account with PayPal is totally free. With PayPal, one can send funds to a non PayPal account holder provider the person has a valid email address. Once the money is sent, all the recipient needs to is to sign up for their own account on PayPal and with seconds he/she will be able to withdraw the money sent.

Costs associated with using PayPal

It may interest you to know that PayPal costs absolutely nothing to join! Owing its occasionally troubled fraudulent activities by fraudsters globally, PayPal is limited to a number of countries. If you are residing in United States and have a bank account, there will definitely be no charge. But if you are located in among the recognized countries, you will need to submit the details in your credit card to PayPal. Upon opening your account, PayPal will deduct $1.95, but this amount will be returned back to you on your first withdrawal. Indeed it’s absolutely free!

Also take into consideration the fact that PayPal also has certain restrictions on daily withdrawals as the maximum amount permitted to withdraw per day varies per country. Example in Israel, $750 is the maximum amount one can withdraw per day. PayPal charges some amount of money on every withdrawal made so be careful not to withdraw in bits.


1. Using any available web browser in your computer, type in in the browser tab and hit the enter key on your keyboard or click on the search key on your browser.

2. This will take you to PayPal’s official page. Click on LOIN and this takes you to their login page.

3. Two tabs will be made available to you requesting you to type in your “email address” and your “password”. You are requested to type in your “email address” in the first tab and your “password” Once you’ve entered your correct details, move your mouse over to Login and click on it.
PayPal takes few seconds to verify your details once verified, access will be granted to you. If your details aren’t correct the information “Some of your information isn’t correct. Please try again” will be displayed. Check to verify you entered your details correctly.

4. If you have forgotten your “email address” or “password”, PayPal offers the services of such details to be retrieved. All you are required to do is select the “Forgotten email or password?” tab.

5. Another page will be opened to you asking you enter your email address. Please note that you are required to type in the email address you used to open your PayPal account. Once done, PayPal automatically sends you an email with a new password.

6. Open your email account, open the message sent to you by the PayPal team and from there, pick your password and type it into the password tab on PayPal and boom! You account is opened to you.

7. You can as well change the password sent to you into one more convenient to you.

Note: Always choose a strong password with a combination of words and numbers, as PayPal is a target site for fraudsters just wanting to get at your money as easily as they can.

PayPal is a one way ticket to receiving wealth over the internet. It’s the apex vessel needed to allow others to pay you whatever it is you’re asking from them and vice versa. I believe the above tips will help you gain access to that precious account of yours thereby enabling continue with your internet business using PayPal.